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I wanted to respond to <lj-username="impersona">'s question about iTunes U (sorry I took so long!). I really like "Art and Love in Renaissance Italy", and the Open University French Course. I have a bunch more downloaded, but I haven't had much chance to listen to them. The Egyptian art exhibit one is fairly dull for me, due to the fact that I can see any actual art. The Western Civ class from NVCC is mostly a nostalgia thing for me, as I used to work and study there.

I really want to have the patience to sit down and listen to the Math and Astronomy ones. I have a plan to do what I call "Project: College", or Get back into the swing of learning so I can get my goddamn degree, which involves reviewing everything I was supposed to have learned  and being prepared to start taking classes again. So, eventually, I will be supplementing Open University with books and computer programs.

In fact, I think tomorrow, I'll start listening to the math course!

on 2011-06-23 10:34 am (UTC)
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Also, the Art and Love course sounds really, really lovely. I look forward to hunting down that one.

Now my problem with sitting down for these courses is that I get restless, and usually distracted by the computer or other things visual. What are you doing when you decide to listen to a course? Lay in bed, knit, drive?


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