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 My first ever panel did okay. I will try to pass on my notes to the Arcadian crowd. Wound up at the Steampunk Sock Hop and danced my ass off, while discussing the finer point of "The Man from UNCLE" with this year's GoH, Elizabeth Bear.

Yup, Elizabeth Bear. She can twist and bunny hop and hand-jive like a fiend, even though she insists that she's better at doing the pogo to Billy Idol (woman after my own heart). Oh, lord, I have no knees left. Kol, I think Pacificon needs to have as their Saturday night dance, a Steampunk Sock Hop theme (even if most of the music isn't very '50s).
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 "So, after the dog got drunk..."

"So, after we fed the bear many bottles of Igor's best vodka..."

"Deep fried bacon is SO GOOD!"

"Today's game: WILL IT DEEP-FRY?"

"I don't know if Mom had been drinking much at Pennsic, but after the fiasco with the crabs..."

"It's like watching Project Runway, without the 'sewing through fingers' bit."
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I'm doing a panel at a con. I volunteered it. I came up with the concept.

Okay, what I did was say, "Oh, you're the Steampunk Track Coord? Awesome! You need people for next year? Y'know, it'd be truly awesome if there was a panel on not constantly doing Steampunk as 1870-1900, Western Europe and North America. I could do that."

Me and my big, fat, ambitious mouth. Plus, we grew up together, I'm honor bound to help her out.

Here's the link: DarkoverCon Steampunk Schedule

That's me at 16:00 (4:00 PM) on Friday. I have to figure out what to discuss for an hour that will cover this topic. I have no access to overhead projectors or any of that fancy stuff, nor the money to crank out example costumes. I have no idea how many people will be there or how big the room is, so handouts are right out. And it's been years since I took a Speech class. 

So, yes, it's official. I'm an idiot.

It'd be cool if I could throw in references to my own work, but part of my talk mentions "show, don't tell" and there wouldn't be time. My friend, Amber (the one I'm doing this for) did send me this, which helps a little. But I need other cultures. I need to figure out how to express that, hey, guys, the Ancient Greeks had the knowledge for steam power, what if they never lost it? What if these cultures or societies over here figured it out? What if we all lost the ability to run current tech tomorrow, what would life be like for us?

Y'know, that's not a bad idea. Give them a few hypothetical scenarios, and expound upon that. That could work. 

What if the Greeks and the Egyptians were still the dominant cultures of the Western world (implying that they also abolished slavery, which is apparently one reason steam power never took off)?

What if Japan, right after Perry came, were magically sealed off from the world?

What if the Tsars never fell, but digital technology did?

What if a small Caribbean island discovered steam and clock tech before the rest of the world?

So, yeah, I'm still nervous. Heinously nervous. But, maybe I actually have a plan now.


Oct. 9th, 2010 08:54 pm
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 The NaNo website is broken!
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 Slow, but steady progress on the write up. Any questions you guys want answered?
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Okay, I don't have the polling ability on here, but I'm going to ask it here and hope that people respond.

Should I shut down Arcadia? Nothing is really happening and I'm not really sure how to encourage people to start playing again. I hate to see it die, but maybe it's just time.

I mean, I've been thinking it over a lot lately. Then Ren posted and I realized I had to answer that question. Maybe a change of format is in order or maybe I need to reboot it. Maybe it's just dead in the water.

I'll be on AIM later this week, and will probably be starting a chat to ask what people think. If you want to play expys of characters, I may have other options to open, but I want to talk to people first.
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 So, Chris and I have been talking. In order to get away with Project Reveille getting off the ground, we need approval from some people. We have a chance at that approval, but there's always the chance that we'll be turned down. Chris will continue to try, but he offered me up an alternative. We take Project Reveille and make Project Lunacy out of it.

For some strange reason, no matter how reasonably he presents it, I'm instinctively balking at the idea. I have to wonder if JD has been told and what he thinks of it. I want to like it, I want to try, I want to make it work. Except that I don't. I'm fighting it. The very idea of taking four years worth of work and chopping out what feel like huge sections (that Chris swears aren't that big) to make it fit another world makes my skin crawl. I cried when we talked about it and it seems stupid, but it hurt to think that all my work trying to find ways to explain such a deep and detail-rich world without treating my viewers like idiots or falling into tired old exposition styles was going to be wasted because none of the same history or mythos would apply (I'm sorry, dude, I love you, but you can't tell me that the Ur-Mage Society in "Reveille" is the same as in "Lunacy" or even that there was one).

It's so fucking childish of me, I know. I'm being stupid about it. But, personal pride has made me hardheaded and, right now, I can't bear to look at my notes for anything dealing with the project. Probably just as well. It seems I've lost some important notes. 

Why can't I just be a damn grownup about this?

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Title: Basiliphobia
Rating: G
Characters: Jane, Katya
Summary: Jane gets some horrible news...

 Read more... )
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 I love children. Really I do. They're precious and snuggly and adorable. I'm glad to watch them. Provided I volunteer or am asked, rather than being "volun-told".

I have been drafted to look after the Boss' baby. I don't mind as long as I am ASKED first. I had things I was going to do tomorrow morning. The bedroom needs serious cleaning. The dishes need doing. I have sewing and laundry to do. If they had asked me before "Hey, Brenna, can you watch the baby?" I might have said, "sure, okay." I would have been able to reschedule my chores to keep an eye on him without being more than a room away. Instead, everybody, whether they mean to or not has gotten in on this. I just got a text, from my husband (who I THOUGHT understood) asking if I was getting up at 8 to watch the baby. I left my phone downstairs and didn't hear it until he texted me back with "Well?"

I am tired of everyone assuming that because I am housebound and young, that I am just sitting around waiting for shit to be given to me to do. I am tired of feeling ganged-up on and picked at and used up. I wish I could just run away with the circus, like they used to do.

I just want them to acknowledge that I have a say. At the very least, they could pay me for this.
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Title: Shock Jocks
Fandom: Kingdom RPG (Genderswap Bandom AU)
Rating: PG
Synopsis: The quietest member of Love Assault has a run-in with his deepest fearOh, shit, oh, shit, oh, shit... )

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 Why, oh, why do I do this stuff to myself?

A petticoat, and two lolita skirts, all by Thursday. Plus, the new blog. Plus, the preparations for a fic round-robin festival my friend Morgyn and I are planning. Then, possible job deals, and, at this rate, no real breaks until my birthday weekend. I'm going to have to pray my immune system holds up.

And this revelation, right after I make an entry about simplifying and taking time to calm down.
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 Not that I have any idea how to go about that, but I figure, I need a blog first, right?

So, I've started a lolita fashion blog. If you know anybody who'd be interested in reading such, pass the word along! I currently have a poll up for next month's posting theme, so I could do with a few readers, even if they read it and decide it sucks.

So, here it is, Southern Fried Lolita (Warning: I do cuss a little in there from time to time).

Thanks, all! Sorry for the plug!


Aug. 17th, 2010 01:27 pm
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 Aromaleigh went under while I was at Pennsic. Damn it! I've got to find a substitute for the Twilight glitters and all those awesome makeups I was going to buy.

*mourns* Crap on a stick!
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Truly, my camp mates are fun ladies, and now there's not expected to be wet weather until everybody is off-site (thank you, weather mages, deities, and other such folk). I had work this war, and have another job today, so I'm actually leaving site with more money than I came with. Most of it is going in the doll jar, but I am making a splurge at one jewelry merchant for something, I'll decide what when I get there. I bartered money and beads to help a lady pack her booth (*wave to Kirsten*) and had a grand time at today's doll meet. Next year, I'll hopefully have Sonia to bring along and get her very first mini-medallion (*wave to Willow*). I got some nice loot and bought a tiny locket that I might get engraved at Darkover, money willing, with Sonia and her betrothed's initials.

The weather is nice enough today, I could put out the worst of the wet things to dry, namely my pillows and a loaned dress. Okay, I did accidentally pour the dregs of my Vanilla Coke down my chemise back, but I can rinse it out when I shower. And, hey, Pennsic crack is, more or less, back in cute little quart jugs. I'll probably grab a jug before we leave tomorrow. It's no longer whole milk (sadness), but the flavor is almost exactly how I remember it.

Funny, how Pennsic War always winds up being more fun right as it's ending.
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My tent was too big, because the Camp Mom apparently didn't get my measurements. So I had to move into a MUCH SMALLER loaner tent, where I can't move enough to dress without having the door open.

We adopted a stray, who invites herself to everything and likes being teh nekkid.

My camp bed broke.

The loaner tent has a roof that liberally mists me in every rainstorm.

I got a UTI AND the mother of all colds within 24 hours of each other.

I've been trying to resist temptation because I'm living on 12 bucks a day.

And the internet is too expensive for more than a few minutes.

I'm getting home as fast as is physically possible, taking the longest hottest shower I can and hiding in bed for 48 hours until it's all a rosy haze of booze, pretty things and ball-jointed doll meets.

Onna trip

Jul. 29th, 2010 08:50 am
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I didn't get a chance to leave messages on any of my forums and I can't get into my gmail. I'm off to Pennsic, either later today or tomorrow morning. I MIGHT be able to scrounge the cash to get some internet while there, since my favorite food vendors aren't there this year, but no promises. I should be back by the 15th.

Have fun, Viva Arcadia, etc.
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Day 13 - A song that is a guilty pleasure

"Pump It" - Black Eyed Peas [video]

There was a lot of competition for this slot, but I'm willing to admit to this one. My goth friends are horrified that I could love a song that "butchers" Misirlou, but c'mon, our favorite goth music samples all sorts of things. At least this doesn't have me hiding in the ladies room, waiting for Gunny to stop screeching at me from the speakers.

Day 14 - A song that no one would expect me to love

"Son of a Scoundrel" - Clam Chowder

I don't like folk music. I spent a year or two drowning in the stuff, being sung at me (not to me, there's a difference), and I'm done with it. But, Clam Chowder is different somehow. Maybe because I only hear them once a year.

Day 15 - A song that describes me

"Suddenly I See" - KT Tunstall [video]

At least, I try to see it that way. As something from the outside looking in. It's the kind of thing I listen to when I need to remember that whatever I feel like, I'm absolutely worth it.

Day 16 - A song that I used to love but now hate

Day 17 - A song that I hear often on the radio

"Fireflies" - Owl City [video]

I hear it at least twice a day, but it has yet to get old. I love how it sounds and I like the words.

Day 18 - A song that I wish I heard on the radio

"Mediational Field" - Susumu Hirasawa [video]

How can anyone listen to this song and not feel bouncy? This is a girly parkour song, is what it is! I haven't even seen the movie, but, it's so damn perky!

Day 19 - A song from my favorite album

"Fidelity" - Regina Spektor [video warning: this video always has crappy sound quality, no matter who posted it.] [video with better sound quality but no pretty pictures, just lyrics]

I've loved this album since it came out and I bought it. This song is easily my favorite Regina song to date, and not just because I love the video.

Day 20 - A song that I listen to when I’m angry

"Breaking The Habit" - Linkin Park [video]

Nothing like it when I'm on a tear. And look at the animation for the video! It's cathartic!

The last ten will go up tomorrow.


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