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 Okay, so they've FINALLY put out the info for the Con's games. This may be easier than I expected.

Changeling is going to be a Summer Tourney, an Autumn Research Symposium, a Winter Mystery, and a Spring Cook-Off. While Lilith will largely be attending for the research, she has a vain streak and they're handing out prizes for the best raiment. If I can make a top to go with my glittery red lace skirt (red, with black lace and red beads?) that would be relaxed enough to be comfy while working and pretty enough to be suitable. Or maybe, my lolita skirt and matching hair bow, with striped socks and my purple Nightmare before Christmas t-shirt. Not flashy, but cute and very, very Lilith.

Mage is some kind of meeting. So, I can't see Ursula dressing all out. Jeans, shirt, jacket, sneakers, done.

Vampire, it seems, WILL be the hard one. It's 80's themed. I can accessorize my tux and do the whole pop genderbending thing, but with what?
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 The shoes: (the only ones i could find on the site that looked the right size)

The socks: Right now, these are the ones I'm considering...

-- (in pomegranate and black)

-- (only if I'm trying to be creepy)

Mask (if a masquerade): 

--For a white witch, a frosted domino mask, a white cape and this lace witch hat in white (

--For "Kuchisake-onna" (Japanese ghost woman with a Glasgow smile), a mask with a veil on the bottom, "Joker" mouth underneath, and a razor blade pendant. Possibly also a bag of red gems (one legend is that if you tell her she's still pretty, she'll give you a blood-covered ruby and leave you alone).
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 Yup! I hardly ever go to LARP cons, but this year I can afford one. *dances*

So now, the question is, costuming: what to do? This is really difficult as this is a new chronicle and they haven't released any preview notices for the games yet, so I have no idea what to make or wear. We do at least have a basic schedule and there's a good amount of time in the day to prep for the daytime games. Looks like I'll be playing...

Thursday, 7:00PM-12:30AM-Requiem (Lady Alisa)
Friday, 11:00AM-5:30PM-Lost (Lilith)
Saturday, 12:30PM-5:30PM-Awakening (Ursula), 7:00PM-12:30AM-Requiem (Lady Alisa)

So, for Lady Alisa, the ice queen Nosferatu Elder, I know at least one of those outfits can be my tux and Tim's old tuxedo shirt. I'll need cufflinks and a weskit and a cravat, for shoes I can get away with my squishy mary janes, because the pants cuffs will cover them and make them look manly, and if not, I can make spats. For the other outfit, it depends on whether this is a casual gathering (unlikely, but possible) or a formal occasion. If it's formal, i can either borrow a wedding gown/white ball gown, from my mother, or see what I can find in white or blue at a thrift store. Lady A doesn't do casual anything, so I might just dig out my pinstripe pantsuit and get a blue or black blouse for it.

Depending on the situation, Ursula, the no-nonsense Thyrsus scholar, shouldn't be hard to dress. Awakened don't tend to do big, fancy balls, so it's either going to be a meeting of some kind or a battle, maybe both. With a different blouse, the pantsuit can do double-duty, or I can get hold of some scrubs, since Ursula is mostly a healer behind the lines.

Lilith, a Gravewight witch and performer, is going to be the hard one. Lost parties are all over the place and Lilith is one of the few characters I don't have much for. I can either make something or, again, borrow something from Mama. A frosty white ballgown for Lady A can easily be a ghostly debutante for a Southern corpse bride with my vampire bite choker and sugar skull earrings, and a few other accents. OR I have, somewhere, a ballgown in white with big red roses on the skirt. Red on white has a certain ghoulish elegance, I think. I have a big red dance veil that would make a great shawl and a fake red rose to tuck in my hair. I may want to make a corsage of roses, lilies and autumn leaves, perhaps with a sparkly white or silver skull tucked in. The only thing I don't have is red shoes and possibly witchy stripey socks or stockings. My old sparkly red platforms are in sore need of repair. What I'd LIKE to do is get hold of a pair of character shoes and paint them a snazzy shade of glittery red. I have a pair of character shoes, but I want them to stay tan if at all possible. Which means an order to Discount Dance Supply and a trip to AC Moore. Thank god Mom showed me how to paint shoes in high school. Of course, it might not be a ball. It'll be easier for, say, a rave (purple corset, stripy lolita skirt and petticoat, boots and LED jewelry), or a sporting event (Baltimore Ravens t-shirt and hair bow, denim skirt or jeans, stripy socks, sneakers), but harder for, say, a hunting party (I'll need to sew a hunting habit and get a proper hat) or masquerade ball (could be done with just a mask for the ball gown or something else).

I've got less than two months. Here's hoping they give us something soon!


Feb. 18th, 2010 11:23 am
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Too much to do today.

--Clean bathroom
--Do laundry, especially pajamas
--Find that paperwork for Mama Terry
--Find jewelry jar
--Go for walk
--Test hairstyle for tomorrow night
--Figure out if I actually want to show up for Sim tonight or get two hours more rest for tomorrow
--Write up Luna's sheet for Saturday
--Start choreographing ("Umbrella", "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger")
--Finish reviewing Atalanta app.
--Do dishes
--Excavate all luggage to find shimmer lotion and magenta lipstick
--Get some actual sleep, or what passes for it
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So, after all this time, I suppose you're wondering how that Burlesque show went.

I think it all went over really well. My veil number didn't do so great, but hardly anyone noticed. I think it would have gone better with smaller, less slippery veils and a better tucking job (that was my fault). The polonaise number was a success, except that I need to practice throwing candies more or they may forbid me what I think is my "gimmick". Also, underhanded throws are advised. I almost put somebody's eye out with a peppermint.

At the end of the show, Eyrie Twilight offered my mother and I a gig (okay, told us we were gonna be there, dammit) at a show in April. No word as to whether that's Easter weekend or not. It's tempting to do a "Bunny" number, but if it IS Easter weekend, somebody will beat me to it. "April Showers" will probably be obvious as well. But, "cherry blossoms" could be fun, as could a "candy" theme.

Eyrie says she wants to be a little bolder and show more skin. Chicken me, I was too shy to tell her WHY I'm not showing it all, but I guess a little more skin wouldn't kill me.

Cut for people's f-lists... )
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After several false starts, a great deal of delegation (my mother is an ever-loving saint, I'll have you know) and two mild panics (one was a bad pattern translation, the other was "omg, do i have enough boning?"), the eve is almost upon us and I'm taking a break to report on the corset.

First of all, if you are going to be frugal and go the zip-tie boning route, MAKE SURE THEY ARE PACKAGED STRAIGHT. I just opened a pack of "boning" and discovered to my horror that they would not uncurl. It may be salvageable if I stagger curled bone with straight and the fact that the short patches exist.

Second, I'm a wee bit worried. I forgot to pick up eyelets. I have a failed project I can cannibalize for eyelet tape, but I'm a touch concerned it won't work. There's no time to go fetch eyelets, so it will have to work. Ugh.

*genuflects* St. Jude, I know I'm a slack-ass and a ditz, but this being a lost cause, I pray you will find it in the plan for me to not only have a functional costume, but a killer performance. And due to the nature of the performance, Mary Magdalene, I pray that my feet will be light, my grin will be big and my costume will be sturdy.
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Found a forgotten bolt of some sort of white brocade type fabric. I can't think of what else it might have been meant for and, unlike most of my stash (which I live in terror of actually cutting into), it's so bizarre, it doesn't seem much good for anything else.

Trystan Craft (one of my costume idols) has a dress diary for her own stripey gothy polonaise. It looks quite useful and I can see the basic idea, though we're aiming in two different directions stylistically. It's got really good photos of what each stage looks like and how it should fit and drape. I think the only thing I'll need help with is figuring out the sizes and shapes of the pieces and what the hell I'm to use for a corset busk.

No short cuts this time! I'm going to do this right!
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So there's a new show coming up, just in time for the Winter Holidays. It's our first full-length gig, meaning I have two numbers instead of one (Yay-eek!) and two costumes (*swoon*).

Mom and I have managed to, between us, come up with costumes. One is a loaner, props and all, but the other is going to be made special for this, a "peppermint polonaise", shall we say?

It's got all the things I've wanted (18th c corset, bloomers, probably a hat of some sort), so the costume will be re-worn, even if it is piecemeal. I have the material for the bloomers and the giant poinsettia (not period, but if anybody squawks, I'll get a few roses or something to replace it) and some ribbon that we can hopefully use.

I'll have to call the shoe place in Richmond to see if I can special order the shoes I want or order them on Amazon ( Believe it or not, I dance easier in those sorts of shoes than flat-footed. I can't explain it.

So, now I have to find some fabric to muslin with and figure out what the rest is going to be...


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