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 Things were starting to get better. Tim's been getting work, I've been feeling better despite a back spasm, a cold, and yet another cycle from Hell. The doctor put me on Trazedone to help me sleep and, despite the fact that it's an anti-psychotic, my creativity only seems to have improved.

And then I woke up this morning. I thought Tim had to be at work at a certain time and he's usually pretty good about waking up in time for work, so when he started stirring and snuggling the cats, I figured he was awake and so, I got snuggly, too. He grumped, saying he wanted to go back to sleep (and being really terse about it), so I brought up the fact that he was working and he said he was waiting for the phone call to summon him to work.

I felt really grumpy myself now, after having a wonderful few hours. So I eventually rolled over and went back to watching reviews. Then he got the call and went down to take his shower. The phone rang and I took it down to him and it seemed like the door got slammed in my face. So I got even grouchier and went to do dishes (which have been sadly neglected). Then, I took my breakfast upstairs, only to be met with a cheerful hubby. 

Then I made the mistake of being honest about my feelings. And apologized for being bitchy.

So, now, we're both grumpy.


Whoever said, "just be honest with your spouse" was smoking some amazing crack.


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