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 At some point before next Friday:

--Spend 15 minutes picking shite up in bedroom.
--Do a load of dishes.
--Scrub bathroom.
--Finish "Americana" quilt.
--Begin pinning "Delirium or Delight?" quilt.
--Cut out "Garden of Isis", "Garden of Athena", and "Rivendell" quilts.
--Do laundry.
--Go for long walk.
--Price stuff to do in Baltimore.
--Do a "metaphysics" journal.
--Take care of litter box.
--Go by the office and check on kittens.

RPG stuff to get done:

--Check tags on Orphans.
--Check tags on Kingdom.
--Post "Fairest of Them All" meta-plotting post.
--Work on Lamya/Quartz for EIAE.
--Work on Roxana/Saturn for GesMa.
--Respond to Eclipsed Moon questions.
--Finish Sapphire's sheet.
--Write up Danica's sheet.
--Send in Fancy's sheet.
--Check the fit of silver pencil skirt.
--Test rag curls method.
--Test Oxy-Clean on vintage petticoat.
--Clean "Burton-esque" and "Cherries Jubilee Bustle" skirts.
--Get pics for wiki.

To do TODAY-ish:

--Take pill.
--Change sheets. 
--Do something quilt-related.
--Listen to at least one other iTunes U class, besides the Romantic Lit lectures.
--Make an effort on a walk.
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 He canceled. Signal out here sucks so hard I didn't get the voicemails until after the receptionist told me to go home. And because he does all his scheduling, I don't know when I will get to see him.

So done with country living.
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 A friend's very sound advice turns out to be taking you in the opposite direction you wanted to go and you are upset because of it. And then, you cry, because you know you're being childish and an idiot and you should really knock it the fuck off. But, you can't. You can't stop crying and you can't stop fussing and watching your plans and all sorts of things go their own way. Your friends are fighting and other friends are trying to help and the thing that sends you over the edge is so damn stupid, you feel dumb just writing about it.

God help me, I'm a mess. Here's hoping the guy I'm seeing tomorrow might have some answers.
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I'm taking the plunge into Lolita style. By Easter, I'd like to have at least one "formal" and one "casual" coordinate. I'm not going to live la vie quaintrelle. I don't have the time, money, or patience, though I'm fascinated by the aspects of the lifestyle, especially the cuisine, which seems to be mostly sweets (at least, I have yet to see a Lolita blog showcasing pasta or steak recipes).

While watching Ramsay's F Word on BBC-America, I saw a lovely recipe for a summer berry and champagne soup with floating vanilla meringue island and I wish I paid better attention to the whole thing. But now, I'm thinking, you can't eat sweets all the time! You'd blow up like Violet Beauregarde. La Carmina may have had a few recipes, but the Lolita community online seems to find her distasteful (though I read her cookbook and loved it).

So, what does one eat before the sweets at a Lolita tea/picnic/what-have-you, when lifestylers want to be dainty and cute and the non-lifers just want something filling?


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