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High of 66 today. WOOT!


Mar. 7th, 2010 11:06 am
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 So cute!

"The most famous were produced in the mid to late Edo period with Western clockwork mechanisms, though sand, mercury and even steam power were used. The 'Chahakobi Ningyo', or tea-serving doll is perhaps the most famous, and was the first 'home entertainment' robot used in Japan...When the host placed a teacup on the tea tray held by the doll, it would move straight to the guest, and when the guest took the tea it would stop and wait. When the guest drank the tea and put the cup back on the tray, it would turn around and go back to the host. Once activated, it moves its dragging foot, and advances nodding its head up and down. In addition, it was also equipped with a mechanism by which the host, having measured by eye the distance to the guest, could set in advance the place where it would turn around. It used a cam and spring rather than a bevel gear to change directions. (SCHDOT 1988, p 61) Traditionally, the spring used in the mechanism was made from the baleen of a whale.

Under the current classification system of the JIRA (Japan Industrial Robot Association), the Chahakobi Ningyo is a fixed sequence robot. (SCHODT 1988, p 57)

The tea-serving doll is not only excellent from a mechanical perspective, but it also displays an intriguingly human essence. Historically, its existence provided entertainment, and functioned as a way of deepening communication between a host and guest."

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 The GameCube has arrived. I'll hook it up as soon as I can, which may be a while. Tim is sick and parked in front of the gaming center, being a very grumpy kitten. Since he's been home, I haven't been able to implement my master plan (make a Sim soap opera of Fairy Tale characters) and we both have to work next week.

*gripe, gripe, gripe*
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 This is the second day in a row I've been too drained to actually post about anything.
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A very dark place. I keep swaying back and forth between excitement, eagerness, absolute motion, and this shadowy mood that isn't quite anger or sadness or boredom, but all three and yet worse than all three.

It's occurred to me often, this evening, that I'm very glad I was "born too late". The days I long for were the days of "Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches" and "The Yellow Wallpaper", when a girl like me could have been locked up for thinking too much, reading too much, crying as much as I do. More proof that I should probably be somewhere quiet. But, that quiet is what's driving me out of my mind right now. I'm to the point where I can't attend a LARP without falling apart at the seams.

Last night, I dreamed I was in a bubble made of blue glass, flawed, full of bubbles and very brittle. There was empty ocean all around me and I knew I could break out and be free. But, no matter how hard I kicked and hit and screamed, the glass held. A stupid dream, I think. I can't swim.

EDIT: Here's something happy, anyway.

Second profile down. Not one of my better numbers, but it's one of the more flattering shots of me.


Feb. 26th, 2010 10:21 am
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Back when the Sci-Fi Channel (not a power in the verse will make me use the new name) was still cool, they used to show old episodes of Dark Shadows. Apparently, there was a remake in the 90's. I'm watching it right now, it's just as hysterically sudsy and deadpan campy as the first. It's exactly the kind of thing my vampire character would have loved long ago (she owns a button that reads "Worked late on my birthday and nobody brought ME a cute vampire!" and keeps it for irony's sake). My only complaint is that one of the characters supposedly has diptheria showing a high fever and a very thin neck, which are apparently the wrong symptoms. Couldn't they at least have slapped a rubber neck on her?

*sigh* I love being a dork.
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India Foxtrot Yankee Oscar Uniform Charlie Alpha November Uniform November Delta Echo Romeo Sierra Tango Alpha November Delta Tango Hotel India Sierra, Charlie Oscar Papa Yankee Alpha November Delta Papa Alpha Sierra Tango Echo India Tango Tango Oscar Yankee Oscar Uniform Romeo Lima India Victor Echo Juliet Oscar Uniform Romeo November Alpha Lima.0:) Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Mike Echo Mike Echo

Sierra Echo Echo November Alpha Lima Lima Oscar Victor Echo Romeo Mike Yankee Foxtrot Romeo India Echo November Delta Sierra Lima India Sierra Tango.
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I woke up early today, because Tim was up, and had to go grocery shopping to get cupcake ingredients. I should start baking before 5, so I can actually have them done before bed. Then, there's laundry to be done, litter boxes (both kitty and human) to be cleaned and I have to get my walk in before sundown and call the doctor's office...


Oh! Here! To cheer us all up!

Baby jagular!


Stephen Fry does children's tv!

One more!

Proof that Spidey/MJ should never have been mucked with! *shakes fist at Quesada*
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Not much to post about today, except that it's sooooo cold.
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Today's heavy, ranty stuff... )

Okay, I'm done with that.

Now, I've been thinking of trying to become a professional blogger. Except, I'm not sure what I'd blog about. I considered writing about being a female nerd/lolita/whatever else I identify as, brought up in the South and living as a modern liberal spiritual type, surrounded by mostly conservative religious types (tentative title: Southern Fried Loli). But, right now, I live so far from anything, I wouldn't have much to write about. It may just have to wait another year.
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 I was at a LARP this weekend, playing a very flirty, tarty, airheaded character (NOT Rowen, the day Rowen is a tart, assume its an impostor and stake her), and I promptly got scooped up by a pervy PC (played by a guy I know vaguely from another game). He was constantly "pawing" at me (read: narrating the act) and I giggled along and squealed and generally acted like somebody a whole lot more secure in her sex appeal than yours truly. It was refreshing to play that way.

The next day, while driving home, Tim and I were discussing game and Tim asked me, "So how come you're more comfortable with PDA in character than out?"

That struck me as completely out of left field, so I asked where he got that idea. Apparently, the other player had smacked me on the ass a few times. I have been wracking my brains, trying to remember when that happened. I remember him narrating a firm swat to "my" backside, but the most physical contact I can think of is him kissing my hand and rarely, if ever, letting go (there was a great deal of wrist huffing, too, but I wear weird perfumes, so, meh). I honestly can't remember any inappropriate contact. That freaks me out. I feel really bad, because I don't want Tim to get the impression I can't stand to be touched by him in public. I like the other player, but I'm going to break any marriage vows.

It's not like I was judgmentally impaired, either. I hadn't had anything but water and a few ibuprofen for my feet. So, why is Tim remembering this and I'm not? He doesn't lie as a rule and I think I'd remember getting groped by somebody. It's happened before and I can remember those moments vividly and I kicked up an unholy fuss. Did it really happen? Who's confused here?
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 It's quiet and peaceful and I can have the whole planet for me and my friends and we can all get away from each other if we need to.
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Why are all my real-world friends fighting all the time and all my online friends sane and calm?
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It's like this... )


Feb. 18th, 2010 11:23 am
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Too much to do today.

--Clean bathroom
--Do laundry, especially pajamas
--Find that paperwork for Mama Terry
--Find jewelry jar
--Go for walk
--Test hairstyle for tomorrow night
--Figure out if I actually want to show up for Sim tonight or get two hours more rest for tomorrow
--Write up Luna's sheet for Saturday
--Start choreographing ("Umbrella", "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger")
--Finish reviewing Atalanta app.
--Do dishes
--Excavate all luggage to find shimmer lotion and magenta lipstick
--Get some actual sleep, or what passes for it
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 For Lent this year, it's really not healthy or sane for me to give something up. So, I'm resolving to do something more often, rather than less.

So, for Lent, I resolve to...

--Go for a walk, once a day, at least, regardless of where.
--Blog once a day on one of my blogs.

I'd like to count this as today's blog requirement. In an hour, I'm walking.


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