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 Snagged from [personal profile] morgynleri :

I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know relatively well. But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's Parker... she likes money and cereal." I'd love it if everyone who's friended me did this. (Yes, even you people who I know really well.) Then post this in your own journal. In return, ask me anything you'd like to know about me and I'll give you an answer.

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Day 13 - A song that is a guilty pleasure

"Pump It" - Black Eyed Peas [video]

There was a lot of competition for this slot, but I'm willing to admit to this one. My goth friends are horrified that I could love a song that "butchers" Misirlou, but c'mon, our favorite goth music samples all sorts of things. At least this doesn't have me hiding in the ladies room, waiting for Gunny to stop screeching at me from the speakers.

Day 14 - A song that no one would expect me to love

"Son of a Scoundrel" - Clam Chowder

I don't like folk music. I spent a year or two drowning in the stuff, being sung at me (not to me, there's a difference), and I'm done with it. But, Clam Chowder is different somehow. Maybe because I only hear them once a year.

Day 15 - A song that describes me

"Suddenly I See" - KT Tunstall [video]

At least, I try to see it that way. As something from the outside looking in. It's the kind of thing I listen to when I need to remember that whatever I feel like, I'm absolutely worth it.

Day 16 - A song that I used to love but now hate

Day 17 - A song that I hear often on the radio

"Fireflies" - Owl City [video]

I hear it at least twice a day, but it has yet to get old. I love how it sounds and I like the words.

Day 18 - A song that I wish I heard on the radio

"Mediational Field" - Susumu Hirasawa [video]

How can anyone listen to this song and not feel bouncy? This is a girly parkour song, is what it is! I haven't even seen the movie, but, it's so damn perky!

Day 19 - A song from my favorite album

"Fidelity" - Regina Spektor [video warning: this video always has crappy sound quality, no matter who posted it.] [video with better sound quality but no pretty pictures, just lyrics]

I've loved this album since it came out and I bought it. This song is easily my favorite Regina song to date, and not just because I love the video.

Day 20 - A song that I listen to when I’m angry

"Breaking The Habit" - Linkin Park [video]

Nothing like it when I'm on a tear. And look at the animation for the video! It's cathartic!

The last ten will go up tomorrow.
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Day 7 - A Song that Reminds Me of A Certain Event

"I Believe In A Thing Called Love" - The Darkness [Video]

Once again, Spring Break Choir Trip, this time in VA Beach. River Cruise with a DJ. The most awesome experience of my teenage years. Full Stop.

Day 8 - A Song that I Know All The Words To

"Marble Halls (Bohemian Girl)" - Enya [Video]

It's my go to song for LARP recitals (i.e. "Quick! We need a Daeva with Pipes! Madame Blackrose, sing something!"). So far, nobody's caught on and I only ever have to sing one verse. It's that perfect song that is actually rather sweet, but, with the right character can be bitterly wistful, sadistically sarcastic, or just plain deceptive. Note: I CAN'T SING IN ENYA'S RANGE. I have to drop it down a whole ton to be able to hit the high notes.

Day 9 - A Song that I Can Dance To 

"Dancing with Myself" - Billy Idol [Video]

It's rather bouncy for snarly punk music (and what a snarl...*purr*). It's definitely one that I throw on when I need to move and jump around. Oddly enough, it's also on the playlist for my mousiest PC, which wouldn't trouble me so much if it weren't so... Surreal. I guess it's because she has a wild streak that REALLY needs outing hard.

Day 10 - A Song that Makes Me Fall Asleep

"Everybody's Free (to Wear Sunscreen)" - Baz Lurhmann [Video]

It's the sort of drowsy monotone I know is soothing, but the words are actually kind of inspirational in a relaxing way. The rhythm in the background helps, too. It's funky in a lounge-let's-all-smoke-shisha-and-talk-about-mildly-deep-things kind of way.

Day 11 - A Song by My Favorite Band

"Human" - The Killers [Video by Vevo, you've been warned]

I love the Killers. They make me smile (I still giggle over their first single--"Nice little Mormon boys singing about Transvestites") and even their sad songs ("Smile Like You Mean It", "All These Things That I Have Done", okay, most of their singles) are strangely uplifting for me, by being ridiculously epic and danceable.

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 Day 5 - A Song that Reminds Me of Someone

"Sharp Dressed Man"- ZZ Top [video]

My friend, JD (aka Soldier Boy [said in an outrageous French accent], aka Blackrose, aka Handsome). He is insanely pretty, and this is coming from someone who doesn't do skinny boys. He's a live-action bishonen, like something that jumped out of a Korean Teen Drama. The Marines have slapped some muscle on him and he's always been a sharp dresser, in and out of character. It's also a very strutty song, one that will forever bring to mind the early days of Blackrose (which is how I will always see that character). He's dashing, roguish, charming, cheerful, and a total renaissance man (violinist, composer, linguist, swordsman, soldier, diplomat...). *sigh* If I weren't married.

Day 6 - A Song that Reminds Me of Somewhere

"Starry Eyed Surprise"- Paul Oakenfold [video]

I had this song on a custom CD my sophomore year of High School, the year I was accepted into Varsity Choir (the Treble Choir, not as demanding as the Show or "Madrigal" groups, but more advanced than the SATB). Varsity was one of the three groups that went to competitions. That year, because of 9/11, there would be no competition in NYC, so we decided to go to the one in Myrtle Beach. This song came on as we were pulling in at sunrise on the Friday before we competed. At 15, I felt insanely grown up. I was away from home without my mother, strolling down the boardwalk, going to dinner, able to stay up late. So, something about that moment makes this song forever symbolize Myrtle Beach and that feeling of being old enough to know better and not old enough to give a damn yet. We're at the beach, dude! Party on!

Now, for more serious matters... )
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Day 01 - My Favorite Song

"Miss Murder" (VNV Nation Remix) - AFI [video]

Okay, this song was already a favorite of mine. Then VNV Nation went and remixed it and it went from awesome to FREAKING EPIC. It starts out with this dark heft to it and has that murky-sounding, throbbing baseline, but eventually segues into a major chord, with this uplifting feel that is so very VNV Nation, while still pointing out that "hey! This song is about somebody DYING, people!" which is still very true to the VNV style, but is definitely AFI. This song makes me all twirly and dancey.

Day 02 - My Least Favorite Song

"God of Second Chances" - Trans-Siberian Orchestra [video forget it can't make me go find it on youtube]

Oh, my sweet gorgeous Elven aunties, I am SO FUCKING SICK OF THE WHOLE ALBUM. But this song is the only one I know the name of, so I'm gonna harp on it. I'm not terribly impressed by the lyrics on any of these songs, the music is pretentiously trying to be progressive and, the top reason I am DONE with Trans-Siberian Orchestra (except that one Carol of the Bells, which is rather sexy), is my friends. I have three dear, dear friends who live together and they listen to this album all the time. It's in almost every playlist, they played it nearly endlessly for a year or two, and they sing along at top volume. I love them too much to beg them to stop. I might learn to love it, if I wasn't inundated by it. There's a lot of showtunes and folk tunes that have gotten there, for that very same reason. After two years, I'm actually able to listen to Great Big Sea again.

Yes. I mean it. I love you guys, but there's a reason I was afraid of introducing you to Regina Spektor. I will never let you touch Jane Eyre.

Day 03 - A Song that Makes Me Happy

"Arise" - ES Posthumus [video]

If my life or any of my stories were made into a movie, this would be the music for the trailer. Unlike most of my favorite ESP (hee! I just noticed that) songs, it's not dark or dreamy, but a little in between. It's made it onto the Amber Rose NaNo playlist three years running, because it's that epic and, in my mind, it summarizes the major points of the novel. It sweeps and peaks and climbs to a finish that is by no means a downer. I am in love with this song, no question.

Day 04 - A Song that Makes Me Sad

"My Vietnam" - Pink [video]

This song reminds me of a dark place in my life. I was 15. My quinceañera was canceled (It was 2001, I was born September 26th). My mother's husband was ill in many ways. It was, in many ways, my anthem. It still makes me melancholy, as much as loved that album and still do. I don't hear it often and that CD has vanished, but just thinking about that song makes me mopey.


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