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Truly, my camp mates are fun ladies, and now there's not expected to be wet weather until everybody is off-site (thank you, weather mages, deities, and other such folk). I had work this war, and have another job today, so I'm actually leaving site with more money than I came with. Most of it is going in the doll jar, but I am making a splurge at one jewelry merchant for something, I'll decide what when I get there. I bartered money and beads to help a lady pack her booth (*wave to Kirsten*) and had a grand time at today's doll meet. Next year, I'll hopefully have Sonia to bring along and get her very first mini-medallion (*wave to Willow*). I got some nice loot and bought a tiny locket that I might get engraved at Darkover, money willing, with Sonia and her betrothed's initials.

The weather is nice enough today, I could put out the worst of the wet things to dry, namely my pillows and a loaned dress. Okay, I did accidentally pour the dregs of my Vanilla Coke down my chemise back, but I can rinse it out when I shower. And, hey, Pennsic crack is, more or less, back in cute little quart jugs. I'll probably grab a jug before we leave tomorrow. It's no longer whole milk (sadness), but the flavor is almost exactly how I remember it.

Funny, how Pennsic War always winds up being more fun right as it's ending.


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