twistdfateangel: (okay!)
twistdfateangel ([personal profile] twistdfateangel) wrote2011-02-10 09:18 am

Stuff that needs doing

 At some point before next Friday:

--Spend 15 minutes picking shite up in bedroom.
--Do a load of dishes.
--Scrub bathroom.
--Finish "Americana" quilt.
--Begin pinning "Delirium or Delight?" quilt.
--Cut out "Garden of Isis", "Garden of Athena", and "Rivendell" quilts.
--Do laundry.
--Go for long walk.
--Price stuff to do in Baltimore.
--Do a "metaphysics" journal.
--Take care of litter box.
--Go by the office and check on kittens.

RPG stuff to get done:

--Check tags on Orphans.
--Check tags on Kingdom.
--Post "Fairest of Them All" meta-plotting post.
--Work on Lamya/Quartz for EIAE.
--Work on Roxana/Saturn for GesMa.
--Respond to Eclipsed Moon questions.
--Finish Sapphire's sheet.
--Write up Danica's sheet.
--Send in Fancy's sheet.
--Check the fit of silver pencil skirt.
--Test rag curls method.
--Test Oxy-Clean on vintage petticoat.
--Clean "Burton-esque" and "Cherries Jubilee Bustle" skirts.
--Get pics for wiki.

To do TODAY-ish:

--Take pill.
--Change sheets. 
--Do something quilt-related.
--Listen to at least one other iTunes U class, besides the Romantic Lit lectures.
--Make an effort on a walk.